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October Seances with Willie Rosario at Choices Books and Gifts

To celebrate the magick and allure of the Halloween season, each night in the last week of October Choices Books and Gifts will be hosting Spirit Message Circles, more commonly known as séances. Each night from 7:30 to 9:30PM, Willie Rosario, a Certified Séance Conductor will lead the circle giving messages from the Spirit World to guests. Festive fall refreshments will be served during a brief meet and greet and then after some short meditation, the séance will begin.

In these circles we will learn how to expand our consciousness beyond the physical world to encompass an awareness of the spirit world. We receive messages, impressions and communication from our spirit loved-ones, friends or guides. Whether you believe that life goes on and you’re looking to connect with a loved one, or if you’re just looking for some Halloween-fun, join us for one of our October séances at Choices!

$25 a person

*Only thirteen spots are available for each evening. Sign up quick with your friends before all our slots are reserved!


  • Meet and Greet (snacks and drinks) & Announcements

  • Invocation (non-denominational) & Meditation

  • Séance

  • Putting names in the circle

  • Messages

  • Opening the circle

  • Closing circle and closing grace

Call Choices at (212) 794-3858 or email to reserve your spot for one of our séances.


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