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Have you ever had an experience where you felt as though something miraculous happened, but you couldn't explain it? Everything may had taken on a different quality or you felt a protective presence with you? You may have had an angelic experience.


We are never alone. Angels flank us, our guides help us maneuver our daily routines and our loved ones in spirit are always eager to step in and let us know how they are. Angels are beings of light that have never incarnated  and are here to help us in whatever manner we might need.  By simply calling them out loud or in your mind their presence will be felt. During a session Willie will describe the angels/archangels surrounding you, their purpose for being here and what benefits you can derive from their presence. Also, what angel you can work with on any specific project or personal situation.

That small voice in the back of our mind we hear encouraging us to finish a task, make a call or simply put our best foot forward belongs to our guide. They are with us 24/7 and help in our daily routines, relationships and important decision making. Our guide has been with us since we incarnated into this life and they are our life-long companion, ever wise, kind and full of unconditional love. Communicating with them can be achieved simply by acknowledging their presence and inviting them to share our daily experience. Along with our guardian angels, guides help us not to feel all alone as they earnestly walk side by side with us and thoughtfully encourage us to fulfill the spiritual contract we made with ourselves before we came into this life.



Angel and Spirit Guides
















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