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The energy that emanates from all living things on Earth is powerful enough to impact and be absorbed by all non-living things around them. Every inanimate object around us has absorbed and still contains all living energy with which it’s come in contact.


Psychometry is the  ability to sense and interpret the living  energy thats been absorbed by inanimate objects. This can come in the form of being able to read from keys, jewelry (metal has more conductivity), or even a mobile phone and get impressions from it through visions, feelings, sounds, smells or taste.


At the beginning of a session Willie will ask for an object made of metal that you carry with you frequently. It cannot be given or inherited (because it would contain the  vibrations of the former owner) so he can psychically connect with you and  receive more information concerning your preferred topics. You can also bring a photo of someone (spirit or living) or an object that belongs to someone so he can get information.





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