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Working as a psychic for over a decade, Willie has formed special relationships with his clients that give him his loyal following. Below is a collection of some of the reviews Willie has received after his readings.

"Unlike any other psychic reading I've had, Willie is warm and personable which made me want to open up and divulge personal matters I'd never otherwise talk about with a stranger. His reading picked up on exactly the things bothering me that day and his insight into the different paths I could take along their outcomes really helped me thru some difficult decisions. I come back to Willie frequently so he can tell me what he seees in the cards for the matters going on in my life. Nothing in the future is ever set in stone and Willie is great at explaining the routes I can take to get different outcomes."
                           -Samantha New York, NY


"First and foremost I want to thank you so much for your time yesterday at Trudi's party.

Just to refresh your memory, it's Marybeth and we talked a lot about my husband who passed 8 weeks ago and about my son, who was home with him when he passed.  My husband was afflicted with multiple sclerosis and was 'trapped' in his body here on earth but you told me he is now free and fine and with me all the time.  I  left you with a feeling of peace that I haven't felt since he passed and I thank you for letting me know that."

                        -Marybeth, Massachusetts









"Willie is the best! Since working at my store a few days a week, I cannot even tell you the amount of regulars I have coming in for readings. Willie was the first psychic reading I ever had and he really blew me away. I couldn't believe the things he was getting out of those cards. I love having him here at my store, as both a friend and a gifted psychic reader."
      -Jay, Choices Bookstore New York, NY


Did the "Messages from the Spirit World: An Authentic Salem Seance with Marion Hedger & Willie Rosario". Marion and Willie were great at the seance. They started with a blessing, connecting energy and mediation. Willie's way of connecting the energy was a lot of fun. We danced and marched to the "we no speak americano" lead by Willie. It was so much fun and he's filled with great energy!

Would recomend to anyone to do one of Omen's Seance. It's well worth your time. As I'm sure in any group there will be a few downers who spoil the fun but just go to this event with an open mind and you'll enjoy your time!


                                   Visited October 2013




"After experiencing many losses in the same year, then suffering an illness my son, wanted a reading last year - but I didn't think he was ready.  After a year of hearing "next time we go, I'm doing it"  this year, I felt he was ready... but was a bit apprehensive how he would handle it.


Your kind and gentle reading was amazing and had him able to accept things for the first time in a few years"

                                    -Jeanne Boston, MA


I first came to Willie for a reading while I was going through a difficult transitional phase in my life and in great need of guidance. Willie did a tarot reading and used psychometry and remote chat in order to give me clarity on my situation and a better understanding of my options. I was amazed by the keen accuracy of his observations, his astute analysis of the situation and the precision in his predictions of what was to come. Willie provided the instrumental help that I needed to move forward and gave me the courage necessary to embark upon a series of important and constructive life changes. I have been meeting with Willie regularly ever since for readings and he has truly changed my life. Willie has helped me to better understand myself as well as other people, to comprehend and follow my life's purpose, and has given me the tools necessary to both deal with challenges in life as well as manifest my hopes and dreams into reality. Willie is an intelligent, intuitive, thoughtful, kind and compassionate person, not just a gifted psychic but also a life coach. His diverse array of techniques for receiving information, along with his healing reiki treatments, have been monumental in helping me to develop a sense of inner peace and more positive outlook upon life. I truly feel blessed to have met Willie and am deeply thankful for his constant support, encouragement, guidance and friendship.  

                              -Sarah, New York, NY





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